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Escort, FBSM
Female, 27, Latina
5 ft 6 in, Toned
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*** Fully Vaccinated 3/26/21 Booster shot 10/11/21

Greetings! If you’re the sort of man who enjoys fine wines and culinary creativity then you should try our exquisite four hands massage… it’s truly a gourmet experience. We invite you to luxuriate in our world of sensual body-bliss. We’re here to unleash deep and profound physical joy and well-being, so come and surrender to our touch.

We enjoy pampering you and treating you like a king with our masterful FBSM massage, and then some, loving up every square inch of you with our sensual touch and expert skills. Relax, unwind, and let us guide you on a journey of the senses. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you like, and we will enfold you in our world of utter delight for as long as you wish to spend with us. Come join us at our Sexy SF Incall in Nob Hill. 

Our signature offering is a phenomenal mind-blowing 90 min sensual massage experience that you will never forget. Other options are available.

We look forward to offering you this in a seamless flow with our natural, sensual embodiment and pure presence. You will love our long fluid strokes, body to body contact, artful touch, sensual dance and playful teasing that combine to lead you into a delicious trance-like state of deep somatic relaxation that is the doorway to endless, timeless pleasure. You will experience the true bliss of massage. 

We are athletically toned yet curved in all the right ways, and turn heads everywhere we go. We cherish authentic connections and meaningful dialogue with respectful men. We don’t want to rush a thing.

Come to our discreet, charming Nob Hill, San Francisco street-side Espaço Sensual, and we will treat you like a king! Please be respectful. Let's discuss your desires prior to our meeting, so we are all on the same page. We are very open minded and explorative, and are willing to accommodate many of your desires and special interests.

Contact with any questions about scheduling, or to further inquire about our sessions.

About my Solo Sessions:

Synchronicity; we have found each other and have yet to relish in the profound reward as to why our connection was meant to be...an encounter that I am excited to discover and enjoy with you soon.

It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Kali, east meets west muse for your personal leisure, and what a fortunate discovery you have made upon finding me.

I'm a woman who's youthful in age but wise beyond her years. An avid seeker of knowledge, positivity, and love. Sensual desires hide behind pure actions.

The world is vast and full of grand adventures all of which I wish to experience with a passport ready to be stamped.

Fashion, art, theater, music, and appreciation for beauty run the blood through my veins. An invitation for a gourmet meal will never be turned down to replenish the calories that have been lost romping around in lust-filled sheets.

Deeply sensitive and empathetic soul, I cherish human connection and authenticity. The best company I keep are those who wish to live their best most positive lives.

Complex when deep in intellectual thought and yet simple in action. I am neither confined to social "norms" or wavering beyond the edge of tradition. A shapeshifter; I can be sultry, sophisticated, or sweet. Keen on knowing when, where, and how best to be... especially if it's with you.

This is my outlet as much as it is yours and intimate interludes excite me. I am selective in picking individuals who I can share an evolving connection with. I have no preconceived notions of what makes a man attractive. My only requirement is that you treat me like a lady with respect, kindness, and generosity respect; as I would do so with you.

Full of intent and passion, I can give you something you will never forget and maybe even crave more...

I'm very curious now to know, who are you?

Awaiting you...


Unfortunately, i cannot accept calls on my phone. In order to best schedule some time together, please follow this simple formula upon texting me. 

My "No" List:
Greek ,   FIV ,   CIM ,   FOV

Hair Length:
To shoulders
Landing strip
36 - 38 DD