Privacy Policy (‬collectively,‭ ‬the‭ "‬Site‭") ‬respect your privacy.‭ ‬Here is our Privacy Policy for this Site:

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

Each time you access,‭ ‬use,‭ ‬post,‭ ‬submit a post or reply,‭ ‬or browse the Site,‭ ‬you signify your acceptance of the then-current Privacy Policy.‭ ‬If you do not accept this Privacy Policy,‭ ‬you are not authorized to use the Site and must discontinue use of the Site immediately.

Collection and Use of Personal Information‭

We collect personal information about you whenever you engage in commerce transactions on the Site,‭ ‬use the Site's products or services,‭ ‬request information or materials,‭ ‬create or update account information,‭ ‬submit listings,‭ ‬communicate with us,‭ ‬or visit the Site.‭ ‬The personal information we collect and store about you may include without limitation your first and last name,‭ ‬email address,‭ ‬credit or debit card number,‭ ‬billing information,‭ ‬and other non-public information about you.‭ ‬We may use the information we collect to:

  • ‬Provide superior services‭;
  • Keep you apprised of information and developments that you may find of interest‭;
  • Alert you to new features,‭ ‬terms,‭ ‬content,‭ ‬products or services‭;
  • Contact you regarding your listings,‭ ‬replies,‭ ‬and/or account information‭;
  • Process and respond to your‭ ‬inquires‭;
  • Improve the Site‭;
  • Administer,‭ ‬monitor and control use of the Site,‭ ‬including posts,‭ ‬replies,‭ ‬and account information‭; ‬and
You authorize the Site to transmit email to you to respond to your communications and administer Activities.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties‭

We may disclose your personal information to agents and operators under confidentiality or similar agreements,‭ ‬including shippers,‭ ‬vendors,‭ ‬payment processors,‭ ‬and advertisers,‭ ‬who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information:‭ (‬i‭) ‬to provide products or services to you‭; (‬ii‭) ‬to administer our business or the Site,‭ ‬including fulfilling and shipping orders‭; (‬iii‭) ‬to provide customer service‭; (‬iv‭) ‬to update account information‭; (‬v‭) ‬to forward updates,‭ ‬announcements,‭ ‬and newsletters‭; (‬vi‭) ‬to respond to your communications,‭ ‬and communicate with you about the Site and other activities related to the Site‭; (‬vii‭) ‬in the event of any reorganization,‭ ‬merger,‭ ‬sale,‭ ‬joint venture,‭ ‬assignment,‭ ‬transfer or disposition of all or any portion of the Site's business or operations‭ (‬including without limitation in connection with bankruptcy or any similar proceedings‭); ‬or‭ (‬viii‭) ‬as otherwise authorized by you.‭

Disclosure in Special Circumstances‭

We may disclose also your name,‭ ‬email address,‭ ‬or other information about you,‭ ‬including personal information,‭ ‬if‭ (‬i‭) ‬required to do so by law,‭ ‬court order or subpoena,‭ ‬or as requested by other government,‭ ‬law enforcement,‭ ‬or investigative authority,‭ (‬ii‭) ‬we in good faith believe that such disclosure is necessary or advisable,‭ ‬including without limitation to protect the rights or properties of the Site,‭ (‬iii‭) ‬we have reason to believe that disclosing your personal information is necessary to identify,‭ ‬contact or bring legal action against someone who may be causing interference with our rights or properties,‭ ‬or has breached an agreement,‭ ‬or if anyone else could be harmed by such activities or interference,‭ (‬iv‭) ‬if we determine an ad posted violates our Terms of Use or the rights of a third party,‭ ‬or‭ (‬v‭) ‬there is an emergency involving personal danger.‭ ‬We may also provide information about you if we believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate,‭ ‬prevent or take action regarding illegal activities,‭ ‬suspected fraud,‭ ‬situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person,‭ ‬or as otherwise required or permitted by law.‭ ‬Please note that if you post any of your personal information on the Site,‭ ‬such information may be collected and used by others over whom the Site has no control.‭ ‬The Site is not responsible for the use by third parties of information you post or otherwise make public.‭

Collection of Non-Personal Information Using Cookies‭

We automatically receive and record non-personal information on our server logs from your browser as well as through other analysis of the Sites.‭ ‬Non-personal information includes without limitation your Internet Protocol‭ ("‬IP‭") ‬address,‭ ‬cookie information‭ (‬as described below‭)‬,‭ ‬the pages you request,‭ ‬type of computer operating system you use‭ (‬e.g.,‭ ‬Microsoft Windows or Mac OS‭)‬,‭ ‬the type of browser you use‭ (‬e.g.,‭ ‬Firefox,‭ ‬Chrome,‭ ‬Internet Explorer‭)‬,‭ ‬the domain name of the Internet service provider,‭ ‬your activities while visiting the Site,‭ ‬and the content you accessed.‭ "‬Cookies‭" ‬are small text files that allow Web sites to store and retrieve information about you from your computer system.‭ ‬The Site does serve cookies to track individual site usage for later aggregation.‭ ‬But we do not use cookies in order to retrieve any information from your computer other than information originally sent in a Site cookie,‭ ‬such as a user code.‭ ‬We have no control over whether and how our advertisers use cookies that originate from their website.‭

Communication from the Site/Opt-Out‭

From time to time,‭ ‬we may send you information with announcements and updates about the Site and your account.‭ ‬You may elect to opt-out of ongoing e-mail communication from us,‭ ‬such as newsletters,‭ ‬subscriptions,‭ ‬account information,‭ ‬promotional materials,‭ ‬contest results,‭ ‬survey inquiries,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬by using a simple‭ "‬opt out‭" ‬procedure.‭ ‬You need only reply to the communication with the word‭ "‬unsubscribe‭" (‬without the quotation marks‭) ‬in the body of your e-mail response and your name will be removed from that mailing list.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬if you opt-out of receiving our announcements and updates about your account,‭ ‬you may no longer have access to areas restricted to account members.‭

Correction/Update of Personal Information‭

If your personal information changes,‭ ‬you may review/correct/update your personal information previously provided at any time by sending us an email at‭ ‬‭ ‬You may also have your personal profile data deleted from our database by sending us an email to‭ ‬‭ ‬However,‭ ‬if you have your personal profile data deleted from our database,‭ ‬you may forfeit entrance rights to areas restricted to account members and certain benefits for account members.‭ ‬Notice of Privacy Rights of California Residents‭ ‬If you are a California resident and have provided personal information to the Site,‭ ‬you are entitled by law to request certain information regarding any disclosure by the Site to third parties of personal information for their direct marketing purposes.‭ ‬To make such a request,‭ ‬send an email to‭ ‬,‭ ‬specifying that you seek your‭ "‬California Customer Choice Privacy Notice.‭" ‬Please allow thirty‭ (‬30‭) ‬days for a response.‭ ‬The Site is required to respond to only one request per customer each year,‭ ‬and‭ ‬is not required to respond to requests made by means other than through the above email address.‭ ‬We will not share your personal information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes if you request that we do not do so.‭ ‬You may make such a request by sending us an email at‭ ‬

When contacting us,‭ ‬please indicate your name,‭ ‬address,‭ ‬email address,‭ ‬and what personal information you do not want us to share with third parties for their direct marketing purposes.‭ ‬Please note that there is no charge for controlling the sharing of your personal information or for processing this request.‭


The Site is not intended for anyone under the age of‭ ‬18‭ ‬nor does the Site knowingly collect personal information from individuals under‭ ‬18.‭ ‬The Site does not orient this Site toward minors or target them as an audience,‭ ‬nor does it screen them from using the Site.‭ ‬Some of the material on this Site is for mature audiences,‭ ‬and parents and guardians should take responsibility for monitoring their children's use.‭

Links to Other sites

This Site provides links and pointers to Web sites maintained by other organizations.‭ ‬The Site provides these links as a convenience to users,‭ ‬but it does not operate,‭ ‬control or endorse such sites.‭ ‬The Site also disclaims any responsibility for the information on those sites and any products or services offered there,‭ ‬and cannot vouch for the privacy policies of such sites.‭ ‬The Site does not make any warranties or representations that any linked sites‭ (‬or even this Site‭) ‬will function without error or interruption,‭ ‬that defects will be corrected,‭ ‬or that the sites and their servers are free of viruses and other problems that can harm your computer.

E-Commerce and Our Secure Server

We understand that storing data in a secure manner is important.‭ ‬We store personal information using industry standard,‭ ‬reasonable and technically feasible,‭ ‬physical,‭ ‬technical and administrative safeguards against foreseeable risks,‭ ‬such as unauthorized access.‭ ‬All commerce transactions that take place on the Site are processed through our secure server in order to make every‭ ‬reasonable effort to ensure that your personal information is protected.‭

Please be aware that the Site and data storage are run on software,‭ ‬hardware and networks,‭ ‬any component of which may,‭ ‬from time to time,‭ ‬require maintenance or experience problems or breaches of security beyond the Site's control.‭ ‬We cannot guarantee the security of the information on and sent from the Site.‭

On our Site,‭ ‬you may have the opportunity to follow a link to other sites that may be of interest to you.‭ ‬We are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites or the content provided thereon.‭ ‬We disclaim any responsibility for transactions conducted on those sites and cannot vouch for the security of the information submitted in those transactions.‭

Policy Changes and Acceptance

The Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time as we add new features and services,‭ ‬as laws change,‭ ‬and as industry privacy and security best practices evolve.‭ ‬We display an effective date on the upper left corner of the Privacy Policy so that it will be easier for you to know when there has been a change.‭ ‬Accordingly,‭ ‬you should check the Privacy Policy on a regular basis for the most current privacy practices.‭ ‬Each time you access,‭ ‬use or browse the Site,‭ ‬you signify your acceptance of the then-current changes to the Privacy Policy applying to your personal information collected by us on and from the effective date of such changes.‭

Any changes in the Privacy Policy will take effect upon posting and apply only to information collected from you on and after Last Revised date,‭ ‬unless we provide notice or have other communications with you.‭