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Escort, FBSM
Female, 32, White
5 ft 3 in, Athletic
Incall, Outcall
1h 600 / 1.5h 800 / 2h 1000
Each additional h 400

1h 750 / 1.5h 950 / 2h 1150
Each additional h 400

Couples, please add 150 to the hourly donation.

Inquire for 6h rendez-vous or more.

Donation is or time and companionship only.

Payment types accepted: Cash

Get Screened

When you contact me, please be sure to say you
saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!


Please read appropriate sections of profile before contacting me. Do not call. Initial contact will be by email or text.

Until further notice, I am Social Distancing Dating, which means I am not meeting in person. I accept USD & CND.

If you call and/or request a meeting in person, I'll expect a inappropriate contact fee of $50 to be send immediately to me. If you ask me a question while the answer is on my profile, I'll request another $50 fee. If on top of that, you tell me you read my profile (while you clearly did not), add another $100 because you lied in my face and think I'm stupid. I'll send you a link for payment.

You can consult "schedule" section to have details of my availabilities in NYC or other touring cities. I'll also put my availabilities in bio when I know them. (When I'll feel more comfortable with the pandemic situation and will be ready to tour again...)


- Social Distancing Dating -

You need a bit of presence? So do I! You want to text or talk? You would like to see exclusive pictures?

Friendly Exclusive session text / call *

30 mins | $45 / $60

60 mins | $80 / $110

Flirty Exclusive session text / call *

30 mins | $55 / $70

60 mins | $100 / $130

Texting friend **

One day | $45

Three days | $115

One week | $240

Daily love letters ***

Note: I suggest to add a daily Exclusive session of 30 mins at 50% off

One day | $65

Three days | $160

One week | $350

GFE Unlimited lovers text ****

One day | $140

Three days | $340

One week | $700

Pictures *****

$15 / pic ($90 / bundle of 8)

$25 / VIP pic ($75 / bundle of 4)

$30 / custom pic ($90 / bundle of 4)

$40 / VIP custom pic ($120 / bundle of 4)

* Exclusive text or call session: I am all yours and you get my undivided attention. Elements discussed during an exclusive flirty session are considered as fantasies and are not contracted for. Pictures are not included. Please refer to the “pictures” section. I'm also offering findom sessions with an initial tribute of $60.

** Texting friend: Social and friendly texting through the day. It does not include flirty texting or unpublished pictures. It can be a few messages exchanged in the morning and in the afternoon.

*** Daily love letters: A few love messages exchanged through the day. It can start with a "good morning" note, a "how was your day" surprise note and a nice "good night" note. Includes a daily exclusive picture. To add a daily Exclusive session of 30 mins of sext, call, flirt as suggested, please precise it when booking.

**** Unlimited lovers texting: almost exclusive, like lovers (gf/bf) texting through the day. You are always in my priorities. Includes a daily exclusive picture.

***** Pictures: Pictures are sent by email and have not been published. Face is cropped or blurred. Custom pictures requests are under my discretion.



Amounts listed are in USD. Payment in USD and CND is accepted and must be made prior to the beginning of the first session. Please inquire for payment options.

I'm also offering packages for periods of 2-3 weeks or a month.

A time notice is expected for each item or package listed.

For any of the packages, I expect not to be asked continuously to send pictures or videos. Videos are not included in any of the packages. For pictures, please refer to the appropriate section.

Please specify time zone when booking.

Limited spots are available for multi-days packages.

Please respect the time allowed for the session. If you wish to add time, ask if it's possible and have the donation ready.

Screening with real world info (ID) can be required at any time.



Hello! I'm Angie.

I'm here for you. Always dressed for the occasion, I tend to appreciate every moment. I'm a good listener, genuine, caring, open-minded and I love to please. I'm respectful of people differences and I don't judge.

Let me be that place where you feel comfortable and relax. If you want a wonderful moment with a smart educated playful companion, don't hesitate! Let's enjoy life together! :)

I ask that you please take the time to properly introduce yourself. Be a gentleman. Be honest. Privacy, kindness, and good hygiene are a must.

Angie :)


Twitter: EscapeWithAngie


Instagram: EscapeAngie



Donation is for time and companionship. Please do not discuss it. If you wish to extend the session (subject to my acceptance and availability), please have the appropriate additional donation with you. Total donation (reduced by any previous deposit to secure our date) must be handled within the first minutes of the session.

Incall: Put the unsealed envelope in plain view at the begginning of the meeting and excuse yourself to the bathroom.

Outcall: Put the unsealed envelope in plain view in the bathroom before I arrive.

Public: Handle the donation in a gift bag or a book at the begginning of the meeting if we are meeting in public place.


1 hr 600

1.5 hr 800

2 hrs 1000

3 hrs 1400

4 hrs 1800

5 hrs 2200

Outcall: Add 150 to the total donation & transportation to and from location may be required.

Couples: Add 150 to the hourly rate.

Inquire for longer engagements: 6 hrs / 8 hrs / 12 hrs / overnight / 18 hrs / 24 hrs / 36 hrs / 48 hrs / 3 or more days / 1 week or more / exclusive and semi-exclusive arrangements

Please understand that I booked my time for you and probably refused other requests or changed other plans. Let me know ASAP when you have to cancel. Due to the important number of timewasters, cancellations and NCNS, which have effects on my finances, my social life and mental health, I have a cancellation policy. Here are the applicable cancellation fees.

100% if I’m advised the same day / less than 12 hours before the meeting / after noon the previous day for appointments scheduled before noon. 75% if I'm informed less than 24h, 50% if less than 48 hours and 25% if less than 72 hours. For FMTY and multi-days getaways, I require that you cancel at least a week in advance. The cancellation fees must be paid within 24 hours of the beginning of the cancelled meeting. 



Screening is mandatory and is required for each participant. When you contact me, I would ask you to have date/time/duration ready along with screening info (real life info): valid ID with clear name and pic/ Linkedin with clear pic and important number of connections/ work information including website and email that will be verified. At my discretion, verifiable references from independant providers could be accepted as a screening method. A deposit might be required to secure your booking.



By contacting / booking a session with me, you agree to follow my instructions and the policies indicated in this profile (bio above or text below).

If you send a PD screening request, you need to also contact me.

Please no calls. Email or TEXT.

If I'm getting again too many calls, I'm going to take off the number again and will accept only email requests.

Proper introductions are HIGHLY appreciated!

Serious inquiries only! Please don't ask questions without having read my profile. Please don't ask inappropriate questions in reference to rates or services (questions about online services are ok). Please do not try to negociate donation or refer to illegal services during our communications. There are also enough pictures of me on social medias and ads. Don't ask for more. ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To mid-back
33 - 35 DD