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Escort, FBSM, BDSM
Female, 26, Mixed
5 ft 4 in, Curvy
Incall, Outcall
OUTCALLS ONLY RENO AREA roughly from 6-10pm. For Home visit please send pic of any paper bill
Ninety minutes..340💥
Two hours.......…400
Three hours........600
⛄️Winter months only Hotel Incall🏩 360 hr

Payment types accepted: Cash, CashApp

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saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!

💋FOR SUPER FAST MEET: text me your hotel name and hotel room number right now I am waiting for you! 🌹😈💋I’m available at night daily! First come first served I do more than the average;)

Greetings seeker of pleasure;) I’m a pack of dynamite ready to blow up, with a true lust for you and energy to deliver what you need and beyond💥. I’m funny, flexible, insatiable and all around awesome. Scroll down to learn what I can do for you. NOT ALL PROVIDERS OFFER THE SAME THING! —I DO MORE THAN MOST! Just stop wasting time searching. I go above and beyond. Come on in and take a look:) I add new pics every month! I am REAL and deliver as promised beyond expectations consistently!! I’m not one you want to miss. I am deliciously curvy, refreshingly original and very enthusiastic.

Ever been with a kinky Polish/Italian full-bodied gymnast masseuse? I will delight your every sense!

🔥Experience the best of real full body massage + multiple climax under my passionate skill! 😈

My name’s Flora;) I’m a one-of-a-kind very energetic and imaginative sensual companion that provides a unique and professionally-delivered, delightful exotic service that touches on all five senses, blending physical wellness with ultimate adult satisfaction. I do full body massage of very high quality, with all the adult perks you could ever wish for. Imagine me as the ultimate cross between skilled masseuse and naughty little personal devil, ready to cater to your most pressing stiff needs. I aim to make you explode simply as much as you can handle.💥💥💥 By the time I’m done with you you’ll be limp from so much pleasure. Be warned …after I’ve put my magic on you it’s common to fall asleep from so much satisfaction;)

Invite me over, lay back and experience absolute pleasure, over;), and over;). I love taking control and introducing you to new sensations. 

Allow me introduce you to my unforgettable signature experience...a journey of incredible pleasure and relaxation on your bed, cycling between massive knee-trembling releases and blissful relaxation. A mutually disrobed real full body massage with warm organic coconut oil, soft relaxing erotic music, optional zero-smoke beeswax candles, and ✨boundless erotic satisfaction. I additionally offer fetish fantasies few providers offer, role play and much more! (ask about my fetishes list!). The longer the time you order , the more pleasure I can give you, and the more thorough your massage will be! You deserve it!🔥

I’m a true bisexual massage provider in Reno, I can see couples and women, as long as the wife and husband are on the same page about me coming over, what the limits are on my involvement, and both of them are over 40yrs old. Single Women always welcome with me including lesbians bisexuals bicurious or anyone really as long as they are kind and hygienic. I am a freak. When you’re naked in front of me I won’t hold myself back.🔥 I have true desires, this is not something I do just for the money. That’s one of the things that make me a rare find. So don’t pass me up:) I’m your best bet to experience something extraordinary. I deeply enjoy pushing your pleasure limits to new heights.😈

I crave you without apologies. Allow yourself to surrender to my authentic desire. Nobody does it like me...Flora.🌹Your shameless flexible seductress....with the hands of an angel and the mouth of a devil.

Allow me to take good care of you. 775234O282 text only. serious inquires only.

I aspire to be an intense memory of pleasure in your mind long after I’ve left the room. ;) I will leave you completely drained of juice and utterly blissfully satisfied. Your generosity inspires my generosity towards you ten fold. I do the splits in three different ways😉. I will legitimately give you more pleasure than other ladies, and have a knack for making you happy more times.😈 I also have no silicone in my body—I’m refreshingly authentic, all-natural and full of life, with grandiose energy and endurance.

Please Shower with soap and water before I arrive at your door, in all key areas especially the package and between cheeks , and please trim yourself. I do not service untrimmed men. You don’t need to shave completely😊 If you aren’t fresh, I’ll have to wipe you down with towelettes using Your session time. I can tell when you aren’t showered.

If you like to, I can personally clean and shave you in the shower using part of your session time, just let me know ahead of time please. Thanks very much.

💋 About me

If life is a journey allow me to be one of your most cherished secrets along the way. I am a very full-figured , fleshy woman , with heart racing Generous curves, who exudes natural confidence , respectful poise, and sweet femininity, with very long dyed red hair, full lips, and a sultry accent;) ❤️ I’m a refreshingly original woman. My interests include flag theory, overseas servers, white hat hacking, humanitarian work including feeding homeless, and animal welfare. Particularly I’m against animal cruelty, interested in ocean cleanup and concerned about the microplastic threat. I also worry about how bottled water bottles and other plastic containers give off plastic particles that mimic female hormones (xenoestrogens). (Please don’t offer me bottled water thank you so much though.) I have great knowledge of herbs and know many alternative cures to common ailments. (Hint: I know an herb that could make your wife horny again ;)..

I deeply enjoy saxophone sensual jazz, electro swing, lasagna, Italian food, swimming, diving, doing the splits;) and lifting you off the floor. (Yes you read right;)

I have enjoyed leading a life off the beaten path which crafted me to develop a maturity ahead of my years.

I emanate an unmistakable sexual quality , like a magnetic ebb. It’s honestly irresistible. I draw attention on the daily. I have a rosy undertone, big hazel eyes big tits big ass, and walk with confidence. I am able to climax from breast and nipple stimulation alone.

🍼love milk? it’s not too late ….yet! if you’re a breast man you’re super lucky to have found me as I still have some herb-induced lactation and offer higher rate sensual breastfeeding sessions and very kinky sessions!! I am also totally into lactation play and we can enjoy a breathless experience!! Have YOU been curious about the taste of sweet milk? Try it, you’ll love it!

Also although I don’t typically Do Greek, I can make exceptions for gentlemen with small package. don’t be shy I love all kinds of men and women.

I am a sensual woman by definition, capable of lust and desire beyond your expectations. I truly enjoy what I do! I always include an awesome legit massage of therapeutic nature, which can also be extremely sensual. I will build your confidence, revitalize your body, calm your mind and give you Boundless satisfaction.

My eyes flash in the light with the color of honey, telling dirty unspoken stories of pure racy debauchery and wanton fire. My full lips form a smirk as we come face to face and I pull your clothes off wasting no time. I am filled with life, zest, and tons of sexual desire. I’m insatiable.😈🔥

When I’m making you weak in the knees is when I’m in my true element. This is not just talk. I deliver as promised because I love what I do.

🌹Could we be a great fit?

Read this to find out!🌹

✅you like exploring new horizons. (Getting rimmed, various explosion methods, etc).

✅you love curvy women with a soft fleshy figure.

✅you’re not afraid of feeling TRULY DESIRED and even worshipped without pretentious acting.

✅you love an All-Natural body of a woman.


✅you have a strong sexual appetite and relish in playing on a “higher vibration”. You prefer lots of fire spice and thrill!

✅you feel excited by lots of skin on skin contact.

✅you get a thrill out of a very “responsive” woman.

✅you love a big behind on a woman or a big rack.

✅you don’t mind a bit of sweat. If fact if sweat turns you on I’m your dream come true. I can keep dry too.

💋💋💋😮‍💨I am the definition of a real life nymph. My appreciation of your body, my desires, my enthusiasm, are par to none .

I’m versatile. I love to build connections over time with repeat sessions in person. Time with me is better than medicine, I’ll leave you feeling anew beyond mere satisfaction!

🌎Locations: I go to Fernley, McCarran, and Carson City up until 9 pm, and require 20. cashapp deposit electronically to commence my driving and the rest upon arrival. This offsets the risks I undertake by driving to you over long distances in case you need to cancel during my trip only then I keep a fraction of deposit. I never collect deposits without driving, my reviews speak for me.

 I am fully real independent, and most likely amongst the few rare who are genuine, who frolic in the adventure and aren’t just thinking about your wallet or completely acting! I am an artist of touch and an old soul. 🌹It’s hard to find a girl who does a truly blissful amazing full body massage and also delivers pure unadulterated satisfaction multiple times plus does the splits and also offers kinky fantasies😜😈. I’m like several women in one;) whether you like….soft and sensual, fast and furious, massage-centered, or fetish centered, or a mixture of everything?—I pride myself in giving you more than what you expected.

😈💋Did I mention I love being touched? You’ll be aroused and entertained by my natural sexual responses. In fact some could argue that female response is the best way to prove authenticity in this line of work..;) big wink. So If you enjoy a RECEPTIVE woman who truly RESPONDS TO YOUR TOUCH I am your dream come true. hint: play with my D cups and watch what happens. Do you have what it takes to give me a breastgasm?🔥

I come with toys and can gladly put on a few shows. My ability to reach “peak” is limitless as is my ability to give you joy. My own record is 50 separate times in one hour!! I’m a freak;) milk, squirting, doing splits, r*mming you, light toy play, and much more are the tip of the iceberg with me!!!

😈I will do things to you no other woman has😈i might break your record of times you’ve exploded... do you have what it takes to feel truly desired by a real woman? are you prepared to feel so good you lose track of yourself?... I am your lady then.


homes and hotels in reno area. Apartments are a pain in the ass. I totally avoid coming out to apartments haha. I’m not desperate for donations, this is just something I do on the side. Please Do not be offended if I pass up an apartment outcall. Sometimes I’m willing to do it but please don't give me the address in chunks. Tell me the whole thing from the get go and don’t lie about details. If you’re in an apartment don’t be some creep to insist to walk me to my car, I’ll just lie about which car I’m driving lol. ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌Likewise if you ask too personal details about me, I will be forced to invent a story. *Do not ask personal questions—you’ll just hear a tale.* Personal details of my life outside this is not for discussion. Don’t interrogate me please! If I feel comfortable with you I will tell you a bit about me. You may believe you’re trying to be friendly but a girl like me starts to worry you’re undercov digging for my info. Don’t do it. I’m just there to make you satisfied, that is all. when we get together it’s honestly just about the physical aspect.

I don’t do dinner dates or enjoy cerebral discussions, impo it takes us both away from the raw physical pleasure. My style is the haven you need to escape the drag of life, I’m the break you need from having to take charge and having to think.

WHO I SEEK:)I strongly prefer easy-going men over the age of 35 who are bigger, heftier or taller than average, (especially bigger;)! But will happily see Anyone who is kind, hygenic and generous. All I ask is you keep it real with me I keep it real with you, at the end of the day we’re both two human beings exploring each other.

🏆🌺BITTER FREE ZONE:) ….Some men who have booked me turned out to be very bitter towards women like me. Well, We’re both adults here, who willfully choose to meet to exchange different modes of happiness. For this reason, There should be no resentment on your part for exchanging one benefit for another. So please only see me if you’re ok with “this”. Please, Do not resent me, I’m just a stranger making people happy. I enjoy what I do, shouldn’t we all? life is short enough and I help you cut corners , guarantee your satisfaction, and worship you from head to toe. There is so much to gain when everything is on the table! You don’t waste time. All the focus is on you. You are guaranteed satisfaction and wellness. My reviews speak for themselves. Let me show you new angles to your own body. Let’s celebrate pleasure , happiness, and human touch. Invite me and I’ll be a refreshing breath of air, give you the pampering you could dream of, and leave you feeling fantastic!

You could say that you are my greatest passion.

So what are you waiting for?...

..Our naughty unique adventure is a text away!


don’t overthink it just try it! You’ll love it. Your body and mind will thank you. Hurry before someone else books the time you want

Text 775234O282 NOW;)

xoxo Flora;)


psst;) you. you’re still here?! Reading this all the way at the bottom?! Goddamn I love you hahaha.😂❤️ Yes a girl like me can have her humorous side too. I’m guessing You see my “no” list is empty and wondering about it eh?;) in my case that means everything is on the table. however you must wear a hat to pet the kitty. Thanks handsome.

My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To butt
42 - 44 D