Captivating Eurasian Muse

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Female, 29, Mixed
5 ft 5 in, Toned
1 hr: 500
1.5 hr: 700 
2 hr: 900
3 hr Date: 1200
4 hr Date: 1500
6 hr Date: 2000
12 hr Sleepover: 3000 (hotel only for new friends)

Payment types accepted: Cash

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Hello there,

My name is Kora, and I’m delighted that you’ve found me!

I’m a companion, pleasure enthusiast and wanderlust based out of Minneapolis. A rare beauty of East Asian and Scandinavian descent, I have dark flowing hair, deep brown eyes, ornamental tattoos, and flawless skin that will melt in your hands like butter. My personality is warm, playful, affectionate and sincere, and it is always my wish to put those in my company at ease. I embrace the lifestyle of a muse, absorbing the world through rose colored glasses, intent on creating beauty and feeling in all that I do. Naturally, I take pride in my appearance, and the ways I adorn, groom, and care for my body. My style is tastefully sexy, effortlessly chic, with healthy dose of femme fatale glamour. 

My disposition reflects a prism of multidimensional sparkle. Like a good girl with a naughty secret, I balance sophistication with an avant-garde edge, a provocative intellect, and a flair for the erotic. I am as grounded and intentional as I am free-spirited and bold. I have spent most of my life living and traveling across the globe, which has shaped me into a cultural mishmash of sorts. Possessing both a laid back appeal and a worldly charm, I’m just as happy to drink a Pacifico with you on a dock while eating tacos and watching the sunset, as I would be to relish the slow burn of a four hour Omakase dinner with you. As Whitman wrote, “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes."

I’m a seeker of the extraordinary within everyday moments, and love to be tuned in to the connectedness, eroticism, and wonder of the present. One portal to this realm is to indulge and stimulate my senses via earthly pleasures, which is all the more enjoyable when I get to share and explore such things in the company of someone special. I love to build genuine relationships, so longer dates where we have the time to flirt, find our rhythm, and learn one another on a deeper level are my favorite. An evening that involves an unusual dining experience or an art soiree, paired with a brewing romance, is one that is sure to make me flush with desire.

I revel in the experience of slow seduction… the coyness of my smile making blood rush to all the different parts of your body, the tingle of my fingertips caressing, learning you and what makes you tick. I am often told I have the body of a Goddess, and indeed, I do love to be worshipped. I’m sure you’ll find each delicate curve to be the perfect handful. 

Until we meet,  

Kora 💋

INCALL/ OUTCALL in the Twin Cities Metro  

1 hr : 500 

1.5 hr : 700 (preferred minimum for new friends)

2 hr : 900 

3 hr Date : 1200

  • Engagements longer than 2 hours involve social time (dinner, drinks, a show…) as well as private indoor time. Should you request, I am always more than happy to plan our time together, and do enjoy curating an experience. 

4 hr Date : 1500

6 hr Date : 2000

12 hr Overnight : 3000

  • Include 7 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep
  • Sleepovers require 20% deposit and must take place at a four or five star hotel for all new friends.


Considerations for our time together should be given at the beginning of our appointment in an unsealed envelope. If we are meeting in public, you may place it in a card, favorite book, or small gift bag. Please take care of this within the first 5 minutes of our meeting, to allow me to fully ease into the pleasure of my time with you, and give you all the attention you deserve. ;)

My "No" List:
Greek ,   CIM ,   COF

Hair Length:
To mid-back
Landing strip
30 - 32 D