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Female, 25, White
5 ft 3 in, Toned
1 hour $750
1.5 hours $1000
2 hours $1250
3 hours $1500
6 hours $2500
For longer meetings, please inquire.
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Payment types accepted: Cash

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With a personality fiery as my red hair, I’m sure to shake things up for you. I’m ready to sample all of the pleasures life has to offer, and offer you a few of my own.

Raised in the south, I come with quite the hospitable nature for all and conversation skills rarely equaled. Though my plump mouth is never closed, that doesn’t mean it’s only ever filled with words, nor is that my only point of rapport. You’ll find my legs inviting, my hands curious, and my pale skin like satin. With eyes like hot whiskey perched above sharp, high cheekbones and fixed firmly on you, you might find yourself getting lost in the slopes of my 30E breasts, or the curve of my  23" waist and marveling at the tautness of my 5'3" frame. Perhaps you'd like to feel my nails lightly trace all the corners of your body, a trail of electric sensation left in their wake while you explore the most private places of my body, or maybe you'd rather feel my legs wrap around you while I pull you close to me. The body is a playground. Won’t you give it a go?

Outside of our more physical encounters, I'd love to venture into the world around us alongside you. While I of course enjoy all the old favorites like dinners, theater shows, and travel, I've lived enough lives to thrive in any situation and relish the opportunity to experience the new. From architecture to physics, old masters to modern trailblazers, I can find interest in it all.

Whether you’re set on a night out on the town together, or a cozy rendez-vous away from prying eyes, I’m more than equipped to excite and entice.

In me you will find what happens when a natural penchant for bookishness collides with a long history of work in nightlife, so we can dance, talk, or... well, you know, the night away. You choose our journey, and I'll take us (or you) for a ride.

Though the evening is where I thrive most, fear not, my day-walking lovers. I’ve got plenty of spark to make your daylight hours just that much brighter. Let me handle part of your load with a mid-workday apéritif, or let’s make a mess of the sheets some sunny morning to start your day off right.

Why don’t we see what we can get up to together?

My "No" List:
COF ,   CIM ,   Greek

Hair Length:
To mid-back
30 - 32 DDD