A kink-aware, taboo-friendly pleasure service provider armed with a strong desire to please!

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Escort, BDSM
Female, 43, White
4 ft 11 in, Curvy
USA > Kansas > Wichita

$300 - Companionship
$500 - Dominatrix (Pro-Domme)
$600 - Submissix (Pro-Sub)

Payment types accepted: Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum

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When you contact me, please be sure to say you
saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!



Disrespectful / One-Liner messages will be ignored and you will be blacklisted.

Phone calls are for business use only. Admirers are expected to use the number for texting only – it is not for "phone sex", "cybersex", or for my time to be wasted. Do not call my phone asking for services, or to pester me or you will be blocked and blacklisted.

When contacting me please provide me with the website you used to discover my services. I watch my traffic to understand where I should dedicate the majority of my time and energy. Please keep it mind I stay pretty busy and I will respond to messages as soon as I possibly can.


I require a 24 hour advance notice when scheduling clients. My location is listed as 'Wichita Kansas' only because it's the largest city nearest to where I reside. As such, traveling takes time, money, and preparation. If you're looking for a companion that can provide a "quick" date or within an hour then I suggest browsing the sites I have listed – I won't be able to accommodate you.


While I understand and can certainly empathize with the fact that my admirers carry much risk to secure companionship, my personal safety is my first priority. I won't beat my fans over the head with feminist (I'm an egalitarian by the way) rhetoric, but as a woman the threat to my safety, freedom, and life is at risk. Any potential meeting comes with the possibility of being arrested (even though professional companionship is completely legal whether police like it or not so long as no sexual activity is being paid for!), beaten, mugged, raped, and/or murdered. Yes, admirers face those same risks, but it's higher for providers especially when we have little protection. Reporting assaults, thefts, and rapes to police is more likely to cause us to be mocked, laughed at, ignored, and/or arrested ourselves than it is to lead to any sort of justice. Jilted admirers, on the other hand, can report all of those things and be taken seriously.

I will be escorted by anyone of my choosing!

You are paying to spend time with me and not with my escort, but during our date and any activities after the date is over my escort will keep within eyesight distance of us at all times. However, they will not directly participate in our date after collecting your fees. If you agree to photography/videography (discussed below) during our date they will fill that role at their discretion. 


I will arrive to our date freshly showered and hygienically pleasing. I will no-sale a date if you show up un-showered, wearing filthy clothes, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  


I have a lot of kinky interests! Bonus? I'm a switch that leans towards being a bottom/submissive type. An even bigger bonus? Very few kinks squeek me out and I'm a people pleaser. I'm willing to go above and beyond for those who respect my limits and are willing to push their own. Be aware that you can have sex with kink and you can have kink without sex – they're not interchangeable and I do not offer sex in a professional capacity. I offer "Pro-Domme" services, but please understand that my experience is limited and I'll be doing a lot of practicing and learning as I go.

My "No" List:
BBBJ ,   LFK ,   CIM ,   DFK

Hair Length:
To mid-back
Bikini line
42 - 44 G