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Escort, FBSM, BDSM
Female, 29, White
5 ft 7 in, Athletic
Incall, Outcall
Incall: I don't offer any appointments under an hour, prices are not up for debate, and I only offer discounts to repeat business not first timers.
$500 for 1 hour
$700 for 90 mins
$900 for 2 hours
Outcall: Location dependant please text me! 

Payment types accepted: Cash, CashApp, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, Paypal, Ethereum, Litecoin

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When you contact me, please be sure to say you
saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!


Hi my name is Everest! I'm really not sure what to even put here, so I guess if you like my pics then please text me! Lol!

I seriously hate talking on the phone... Pervs ruined that for everyone... So please don't call me and just text me like I ask... I'm not going to respond to you any faster if you call me... I'm just going to get annoyed quicker...

Yes, I'm real and legit! Just because you can't talk to me over the phone doesn't automatically make me a scammer... It makes those who think that way, idiots... If you can't see that or disagree, then please keep your opinions to yourself...

Yes, that's actually me in my pictures! I'm beautiful and know it... Lol! So I have no desire to put someone else in my pictures... Especially when you consider that no one else can hold a candle to me... Lol!

No, I'm not a cop! I know I'm super pretty, smart, confident and blah blah blah... Lol! But none of those things make me a cop... I don't make you prove to me that you're not a serial killer before I see you, so please don't ask me to prove I'm not a cop... You're just going to get a middle finger instead... Lol!

My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To mid-back
30 - 32 D