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Female, 29, White
5 ft 6 in, Curvy
USA > Colorado > Boulder
2 hours – 1000

4 hours – 2000

6 hours – 2500

8 hours – 3000

10 hours – 3500

Overnight (14-15 hours) – 4200

24 hours – 5000

36 hours – 6000

48 hours – 8000

I ask for a 20% deposit once we’ve set a date/time.

Payment types accepted: Paypal, Cash

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Let's light up the world through our pleasure, our savoring of the beauty around us, our boisterous laughter. Life is far too precious and short to let it pass us by. You can count on me to bring us into the present moment, soaking up all the goodness we can possibly find.

I am here to fan your flames. To see the light within you and amplify it, so that you can be who you truly are: someone who owns their deepest desires, embodies their complexity, and takes up space in this world.

I laugh often and exuberantly. I love systems thinking, philosophical conversations equally as much as I love forgetting about the weight of the world and goofing around. I am curious, intelligent, and wise. I love to engage with the world and be present to discovering the unfolding of a moment. Seeing someone transform the muck of life into gold, break their limits, and find self-liberation lights me up like lightning. Dance is the water to my thirst. Play is the medicine for my soul.

I love singing, plants, all forms of water, losing myself through dance, pole dancing, wrestling, corgis (and really all animals, you’ll find me near the animals wherever we go!), ice cream, and creating the more beautiful world we know is possible, just to name a few. My heart is big, and I am perpetually learning how to keep it in the driver’s seat. Each day, I am working to be a catalyst for more beauty and love in this world.

As much as I am a fairy that sprinkles joy everywhere I go, I will challenge you to be your fullest self in my sweet trickster way with a sparkle in my eye.

Together, we will delight and play in the world around us. Life is to be wildly enjoyed. So, let’s get started.

My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To mid-back
Bikini line
36 - 38 C