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Insatiably curious companion / escort in Oakland & Bay Area

Joined: May 30, 2018
Bumped: April 5, 2020

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Female, 39, White
5 ft 5 in, Toned
Incall, Outcall
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Payment types accepted: Cash, Bitcoin

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You have arrived. The holy grail is within reach.

I know what the world demands of you, and I know how you long to feel more.

Lay down your armor, you have found your heaven on earth.

Allow me the honor of being your insatiably curious companion in the shameless pursuit of pleasure purely for pleasure's sake... 

Whether we find sanctuary in my stylish studio in Emeryville, sipping and nibbling fine beverages, tasty treats and of course, each other ;-)

Or we have adventures** around town before secreting away to your hotel or my studio. 

I love life, laugh easily, and glow with curiosity. I will treasure your insight, wit and intelligence along with all of our sensual delights.

You deserve nothing less than a goddess capable of savoring every inch of your Manhood. 

Here I am.

**What kind of adventures you might ask... perhaps enjoying the exhilarating rush of wind against our faces, or the swaying of our bodies in time to the lifts and lilts of a sultry tune, or the gliding of our flesh into hot water, or venturing to an adult play club, but really, I'm open to just about any of the amazing adventure gems the Bay Area has to offer. I also love facilitating adventures for couples.

Availability Info:

I am currently available in the East Bay, San Francisco, and the surrounding Bay Area. One of my favorite aspects of this work is the spontaneity and flexibility of my schedule. I do not have "set hours" and I love it that way.

That said, the more advanced notice you give, the more likely I am to be available, especially for weekends which are more likely than week days to fill up with personal / self-care adventures.

Because I truly love spontaneity, I am totally open to same day / evening appointment requests. I just ask that you be prepared for the screening process (sending provider references in your initial inquiry is ideal), and are able to communicate clearly and promptly via email to arrange logistics.

With more notice, I am happy to travel to the South Bay or North Bay to come have adventures with you.

I also travel to the East Coast at least once a year. 

Fly-me-to-you appointments and extended travel adventures are absolutely a possibility as well.

All initial inquiries are handled via email by my amazing assistant. 

Please include provider references if you have them (if not, no worries, I love newbies, and my assistant will be happy to figure out another way to vet you).

My assistant will do everything possible to make a same day/evening appointment happen, but it really helps to get the screening process out of the way in advance, so if there's a chance you'll want to see me some day, I suggest you complete the screening process now.

All new clients must be screened or have references checked through email, please email to begin the process.

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My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To shoulders
Landing strip
33 - 35 C