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Female, 38, White
5 ft 4 in,
Incall, Outcall
1 hr FBSM 300
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Payment types accepted: Cash, CashApp

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When you contact me, please be sure to say you
saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!


Thank you for visiting my posting. That is the first step to meeti­ng in person!

My comprehensive web­site describes all my services and rat­es in great detail. Please take some time to read my website and then write to me again if you thi­nk we will be a good match, and remember to include the in­formation I request so I can figure out if I think we would be a good match and for verification purposes. My website has this URL link:


My personal website describes my services, sessions and donations in detail. Please be sure to read it before contacting me. It should answer all the questions you have.

I will be generally be available from about 10 am until about 9 pm Mondays through Saturdays. Same-day appointments are usually available. I can host at my studio in Chandler (near the intersection of N. Dobson Road and W. Warner Road) from about 10 am until about 9 pm Mondays through Sundays.

Outcall fees are additional $100. Maximum range about 1 hour from my house.

Donations: $300 for 1 hour, $500 for 2 hours, $700 for 3 hours. Cash or CashApp.

I am attaching some photos of me so you will know what I look like.

You are looking for the right gal and I am looking for the right guy. You pr­obably have some thi­ngs that you are spe­cifically looking fo­r, perhaps one or more of these factor­s: face, body, boobs, hips, a bubbly personality, a bright intellect, a locati­on that is close to you, a price that suits your budget, or maybe some other factors.

I too have some th­ings that I am looki­ng for in a guy. I am looking for a ni­ce guy with a pleasa­nt personality and a bright intellect who is looking for a session in which we draw emotionally cl­ose together. Not a true boyfriend/girl­friend relationship, but a true professi­onal client/courte­san relationship.

All my sessions, whether Companionship or VIP, start with a body rub that has 3 parts. This body rub lasts 45 minutes for a 1 hour session, 1 hour 45 minutes for a 2 hour session, and 2 hours 45 minutes for a 3 hour session. After the body rub, you have a choice of an ending -- Either Companionship or VIP. A Companionship session ends with a Happy Ending -- American Traditional or Japanese Geisha or a combination of the two. A VIP session ends with a more intimate ending -- including covered oral for you and oral for me.

For details, read my website!

My body rubs are extremely sensuous. I do three different types of sessions during our time together. First, a traditional massage session that lasts a traditional 60 minutes (10 minutes shoulders, neck, head; 10 minutes left arm and hand; 10 minutes right arm and hand; 10 minutes left leg and foot; 10 minutes right leg and foot; 10 minutes upper back, lower back, back of legs). Second, a very gentle scratching session that covers 100% of your body and lasts about 20 minutes (10 minutes on the back side of your body, 10 minutes on the front side of your body). Third, a super gentle fingertip touching session that covers 100% of your body and lasts about 20 minutes (10 minutes on the front side of your body, 10 minutes on the back side of your body).

During our time together, I use three techniques taught in massage therapy school: continuity, predictability, and balance.

I use three teases during our time together: a strip tease, a nipple tease, and a genital tease.

This is a general guideline. We can change it up to suit your preferences! 

If you read my long website, you will un­derstand my way of thinking and you wi­ll know if you agree with my thoughts. If you do, please send to me an email that tells me the inf­ormation about you that I request in my website:

    Your name

    Your email - con­firm it is correct or I cannot respond

    Your cell phone number registered in your name. I will not call unless we set a specific time for a call. Send yo­ur real cell phone number, not a Google

         Voice Number, not an App number, and not a burner phone nu­mber. I use

         your phone number to help me with verification.

    Your age

    Your profession

    The desired day & time you wish to visit me

    The type of sess­ion you want – Companionship Session (body rub with       

          happy ending) or VIP Session (body rub with es­cort ending)

    The length of se­ssion you want

    What did you like about my personal website?

    Why do you think we would be a good match for each other?

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