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Hello there, I am Fauna Rosehill. Guess what I'm here to do? Well, it is essentially that i am here to stimulate you in all possible ways and provide a melodic escape into inventive desire fulfilled in another dimension of being. If your into that occurrence with the company of a sultry sex kitten then we are sure to have a great time together.

Quite serious at times yet also completely cheerful, fun and for real funny as well as exploratory, with the ease of my sparkling little fingers - ill have you under my spell in no time, and your sighing reprieve and smile will be my token of this being the truth. Your satisfaction and contentment are paramount to me in our time together and yes it is true- i am a hedonist. I can assure you that you will feel, from my laughter, and own sighs of delight that i am there with you throughout the whole experience.

Maybe your a little curious to go deeper and experience something exhilarating, mystical, intelligent, groovy, provocative and above all fun and stress relieving. Well then, look no further. Nymphish, Impish, and definitely mischievous, embracing the libidinous passion and wanton wildness of life and living freely in a iambic way as a protest to the monotony of modern life seems to be my calling. Within this realm- all sorts of magic can occur and we we will embark on such an adventure together.

The fluency of the language of pleasure of all kinds aids my studious pursuits into the realms of human sensation- profoundly viewing our time on planet earth to be a space in which we can experience the full spectrum of joy and desire. Influential are my my many teachers who find themselves tucked away in books, in nature, in museums and at the party.

I am an experienced provider and have a truly open mind and I love to explore realms of kink and BDSM. I am extraordinarily comfortable with myself, my sensuality and love to both give and receive.

In my day to day life, I am an avid and deeply obsessed artist focusing on sculpture, fashion design, experimental theater, performance and music and spend more then half of my time engaged in any kind of project. (this also means i am incredibly busy) I am also a trained witch and healer annd practice my skills for individual clients and is something i love to bring to you as well. The creativity to which i approach my art and the tenacious compassion to which i approach my own and others healing is something you can count on for me to bring to our sessions.

My experiences in both performance and theater mean that i LOVE to role play in all kinds of strange ways. Do you want a nurse? goddess? a pet? a maid? a 60's spy? A doll and, of course perhaps a slutty little fairy? Give me a script or ask me to write one for us and it is sure to be one of the most sexy and surreal experiences of your life! (seriously)

I look forward to meeting you

Fauna Rosehill

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My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To mid-back
Bikini line
33 - 35 B