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Escort, BDSM
Female, 24, White
5 ft 6 in,
Incall, Outcall
Fully Vaccinated! 
1 hr: $600
90 mins: $750
2 hr: $1000
3: $1350

BK incall available

go to my website for more details on sessions and social media to stay in touch! faunarosehill.com <3

Payment types accepted: Cash

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Come see me at my new manhattan incalll located in the heart of the city near midtown! I would love to hangout with both new and old friends. Please don't hesitate to ask for my specials! Can't wait to see you.....and now for introductions!


Hey there, I am Fauna Rosehill. Wouldn't you like to find the perfect mixture of playful and naturally friendly with confidence and coyness? That mixture of sweet and yielding yet bright and unique, and of course beautiful, enchanting and alluring? I really just want to curl up in these cold times with a bottle of red wine with you and just get to know you- us each other and try to find some pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment within this strange world we live in today.

But If you want to spice it up let's do it. I am naturally energetic and I love to enliven all scenarios with in all manner of imaginative ways and provide a melodic escape into inventive desire fulfilled in another dimension of being. If you have been calling this into your life, or that you crave the company of a truly adventurous sultry surreal sex kitten then we are sure to have a great time together.

Nymphish, Impish, and definitely mischievous, embracing the libidinous passion and wanton wildness of life and living freely in a iambic way as a protest to the monotony of modern life seems to be my calling. Within this realm- all sorts of magic can occur and we we will embark on such an adventure together.

In my day to day life, I am an avid and deeply driven interdisciplinary artist and love to experiment at times in how to bring my art practice into this one.

Additionally my interests stretch far and wide- your just as likely to find me watching Adult Swim eating pizza or drinking beer on a roof top with friends as you are to find me obsessively engrossed in an Andrei Tarkovsky film while sculpting wax figurines for my latest performance art show or reading a Kathy Acker Novel or a friends latest Poetry Chap Book. I love the vacillation between low-brow and high brow, the sordid and profane with the holy and the cerebral in all areas of art and life.

I am additionally a trained clinical herbalist and the practice of my skills for individual clients is something I love to bring to you as well. That being said I love nature and often go with my friends (and their beloved dogs- i love animals!) to the woods and beach whenever we can escape the city. With myTraining I have many services i can offer which i can include but is not limited to- herbal consultations, guided meditations, tarot readings, massage and more recently sensual baths in either your or my own 3 foot bath tub.

I look forward to meeting you

Fauna Rosehill

My "No" List:

Hair Length:
To mid-back
Bikini line
33 - 35 B