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Female, 45, Latina
5 ft 8 in,
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In this virtual cocktail party, how do you find me? 

Likely in my own space, calm and composed, half in light, half in shadow. I'm wearing something, you don't notice and don't remember. 

What you see first and forever is my gaze, dark eyes locked on yours, steady, intense and probably damn intimidating. My inscrutable Mona Lisa smile. Such smooth skin, such big brown eyes to lose yourself in. 

That's how I appear in person, on the surface. Internally, the perspective shifts radically. I'm anything but aloof and distant. 

To tell you about myself is to talk of an unfashionably deep idealist with a complex mind who can melt you with a smile, yet keeps an unseen inner reserve. Behind my sporadic bouts of whimsy lies an ever-curious intellect that never fails to surprise. Quick to intuit what lies behind your words, genuine to a fault. A delicacy and delight for the rare few who love these qualities in a companion.

My personal strengths are myriad, but are all centered around intellect, honesty, insatiable curiosity, and a deep need to see what’s over the next hill, what lies beyond the horizon or the other side of the ocean.

You may think I overstate things when I own I'm a powerful, intense woman; one who doesn't mix well with insecure, fragile, egocentric men. Instead of oil and water, I'd much rather be the gasoline to your fire.

Self-reliant and extremely independent, I'm a terrible headache to anyone who likes a clingy, needy woman. My stubbornness is legendary, and I'll be contrary just to amuse myself at your expense. 

If I sound like your kind of fun, I invite you to read about yourself on my website (and get to know me a little more). 

Oh, and it helps if you're into brunettes, strong legs, ass, and firm, natural breasts. ;) 

My "No" List:
Greek ,   FIV

Hair Length:
33 - 35 D