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Female, 40, White
5 ft 6 in, Toned
Incall, Outcall
*NO Full Service.*

Incall + Outcall
- Fusion with BDSM
- Prostate massage

60 mins: $350
90 mins: $500
(Prostate option is extra)
Milking option: 2 hours 
Extended travel for outcall = add'l gratuity
Younger than 30? 
30 mins: $175

Payment types accepted: Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Litecoin, Bitcoin, CashApp

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When you contact me, please be sure to say you
saw my ad on PrivateDelights. This is important!


Notice: This beautiful chapter of providing sensual bodywork for men is coming to a close for me, as a new chapter is ready to begin.

My final day of offering sessions to men will be November 21st. If you've been wondering what all the buzz is about (check out my reviews!)-- now is the time to jump on it before I'm done!

I will be shifting my work and practice to:

- offering trainings of how to become a provider-- so if you know of any woman who is curious about this lifestyle and have this as a way to provide for herself-- send her my way! (I HIGHLY recommend it! It has changed my life!)

- offering yoni massage (women's sensual bodywork)-- this is with an emphasis on womb healings and awakening erotic energies. If you have a spouse, friend, relative that could benefit from an experience like this, please DM and I will provide the appropriate website for more information.

- offering in-person sensuality training and coaching for couples. If you would like to spice things up in your bedroom and want guidance, I LOVE teaching couples how to step out of their fear and into their play.

- hosting women's play parties and teaching/guiding them how to step into their sensuality and feminine dominance (FBSM + BDSM). Getting women out of their shell, stepping into their arousal, asking for what they want with confidence...wouldn't that be such a fun experience to send women you know to?

Gentlemen, your kindness, generosity, and support have meant more to me than you can possibly know! I value the connections we've made and the moments we've shared.

It has been such an honor, and something I could easily do for years to come...however duty calls to serving the Feminine, and that is what I am here to do!

Thank you so much...I truly hope I have the chance to get my hands on you one more time!


People come to me, drawn in.

Not knowing why or what they’re looking for, but the moment they see me, they know.

Without even thinking twice, they reach out, wanting to know more and experience me.

It’s like something deeper within them that is beyond their rational mind is calling out to come to me.

Whatever it is you are seeking, if you have found me, you were meant to.

And your life will change. I’ve seen it enough to know.

Exquisite, sensual pleasure that is beyond what you will experience with any other provider in the area— period.

A client recently strongly encouraged me to share that what I do is more than "just a massage"-- it is deep, transformative work for your body.

My hands are intuitive, have a magic touch, and will have you feeling relaxed and aroused at the same time.

I combine sensual, therapeutic, endocrine, intuitive, energetic, Lomi Lomi, and Tantric modalities.

I have trained and studied with masters around the world, combining their techniques to bring a unique offering unlike anything you will find in the area.

I pride myself in my gifts and abilities, and have tremendous joy blowing your mind away and shattering your reality of what you believe about your cock performance.

If you have any of these limiting beliefs:

"I can’t keep it up."

"I come too early or fast."

"I can’t get hard again after I come."

"I'm used to orgasms feeling a certain way, and that's it."

Then you're in for a treat.

One client I helped release sexual trauma that he had been holding onto since he was a kid-- 50 years later. He declared he was a new man and made love without crying for the first time that night.

Another 50 yo would come in 3 minutes while soft and had a ton of pre-ejaculate. In our VERY FIRST SESSION, he managed to stay erect for an hour without coming!! He claimed he had never experienced so much pleasure in his body in his life and didn't know if he could handle anymore pleasure. Three sessions later, his life completely changed, he took massive action in his life, because he was now confident in his masculinity. He felt like a man.

Many clients share that no one has ever taken the amount of time or care to their cock that I do. They leave inspired and knowing that there's more out there.

You know what it's like when a woman is just "doing it" and isn't really into it.

Or maybe other providers who are watching the clock and give you a quick finish at the end.

OR providers who are really escorts and pretend that they do massage, and try to "upsell" you.

I am NONE of those things.

I love what I do.

I take great pride in it.

I want to be the best, hands down.

I do not settle for mediocre or good. Nor should you.

I spend considerable time massaging your cock-- and not just stroking it! Literally giving it a massage.

And by the way-- your prostate health is extremely important and it impacts your performance in bed. If you have not had a prostate massage before, I highly encourage it-- both for the sake of your prostate health but also for your virility.

Build confidence in your COCK and watch the world change around you.

***I am not an escort and do not offer Full Service.***

Please read the rates for the session before contacting me, thanks!

Check out latest reviews!

“You are the Tug Queen of queens! I felt reborn!”

“I have never felt so good in my life.”

“Your breasts are fantastic.”

“There is no way you’re 40.”

“The base of my penis feels different now. Deeper parts of my shaft I notice more now than just what I can see and readily feel with my hand.”

**Bonus! If you are a man younger than 30, you can book a 30 minute session for $175! Why is that? Because younger men tend to be respectful, delightful, and enjoyable. And that pleases me.**


Some ground rules...because, hey, it's best to be upfront.

  • Serious inquiries only. Time is precious.
  • When reaching out, state the kind of session and length of time you’re interested in.
  • Respect goes a long way.
  • FBSM means just that. I do not offer full service.
  • I am a trained Dominatrix. If you're curious about kink and are open to a little scarf bondage or spanking...or even learning how to spank a woman that will have her squeal...I can train you.
  • Having intimacy issues? I am also a certified intimacy coach.
  • Nervous about staying hard and releasing too soon? I have had tremendous success in this area. I will help you relax and experience extended pleasure without pre-ejaculating. It’s life changing.
  • Prostate health is SUPER important for men!!! Experience a prostate massage that brings more vitality to your sexual performance and health.

The best part? I am super down to earth, am told I am more beautiful than the photos, and I create a bond and connection with you that will last long after the session.

My "No" List:
BBBJ ,   Greek ,   FIV ,   CIM ,   LFK ,   CBJ ,   FOV ,   COF ,   DATY ,   DFK

Hair Length:
To shoulders
33 - 35 C